Our Solutions

Stetis Enterprise Revenue Management System (STERMS™)

STERMS™ is our proprietary state-of-the-art “taxnology” cloud-based connected business solution designed from the ground-up and carefully crafted to handle tax administration and management. STERMS™ has revolutionize internally generated revenue (IGR) by deploying tools designed to handle tax payer’s enumeration and management (TEM), assessment and demand notice (AND), e-collection and fund-sweeping (EFS), vendor management (VM), invoicing, receipting and reporting ...

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Stetis Geographic Information System (SEGIS™)

SEGIS™ is a carefully crafted state-of-the-art enterprise geospatial business suites designed to give you an edge in land administration and management. SEGIS™ suite encompasses;


  • Geographic Information System where all cadastral information such as the master plan, land use plans, detailed site development plans, engineering infrastructure are captured and stored centrally in a digitalize form
  • Land Information System ...
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Sabitrade™ is an enterprise business solutions designed to meet the growing needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to operate businesses remotely from anywhere no matter the business ecosystem. SabitradeTM provides customer engagement capabilities encompassing cash management, inventory and stock management, operational invoicing, reporting and analysis in addition to the backoffice capabilities such as procurement and inventory management deployed in a manner that gives greater ...

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