Stetis Enterprise Revenue Management System (STERMS™)

STERMS™ is our proprietary state-of-the-art “taxnology” cloud-based connected business solution designed from the ground-up and carefully crafted to handle tax administration and management. STERMS™ has revolutionize internally generated revenue (IGR) by deploying tools designed to handle tax payer’s enumeration and management (TEM), assessment and demand notice (AND), e-collection and fund-sweeping (EFS), vendor management (VM), invoicing, receipting and reporting (IRR), Point of Sale Terminals management (POM), web services and extensible plugins for third party integration, and foolproof comprehensive dashboard for administration and control.


  • Comprehensive state-of-the-art tools for tax payer enumeration, assessment and issuance of demand notice.
  • Seamless integration of web services, portals, and Point of Sale Terminals (POS) for seamless revenue collection, remittance and reconciliation by board of internal revenue service (BIRS).
  • Real-time monitoring dashboard used for displaying enumeration, e-collection, remittance and fund-sweeping accrued from revenue generation.