About the Company

Stetis is spearheading the drive to move the Nigerian economy into the digital ecosystem. We are driving this ambition through our outstanding footprints in digital payment solutions, enterprise systems and multi-level support for public and private institutions through the length and breadth of Nigeria.

We have demonstrated our leadership in building bespoke enterprise solutions for businesses and organs of government. Our understanding of the local business terrain has been a huge advantage for us. Our solutions are remarkable for the following features:

  • Scalability: Our solution enables you to grow your business and exploit new opportunities that may arise within your industry.
  • World class technology, local know-how: We offer an excellent blend of critical local insights with evolving global industry solution.
  • Futuristic: Our solutions go beyond what the market is presently doing to where the future points. With us, you are always guaranteed a step ahead of your competition.
  • Robust Feedback Mechanism: We treasure user input so much as we incorporate them in the periodic upgrade of our solutions.


Building cloud-based connected business solutions that empowers businesses seamlessly.


To explore the shared commitment of the abundant indigenous intellectual talents to help jumpstart Nigeria participation in global software industry.